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One artist stands out as a true virtuoso in the realm of celebrity impersonations. Recently, a Facebook video shared by GOODTiMES featuring the mimicry prowess of user Chandni Bhabhda(@chandnimimic) has taken social media by storm.

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In this video, she flawlessly adopts the voice, laugh, and mannerisms of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt while placing an order for pizza. What sets this mimicry apart is the uncanny resemblance in tone and expression that has left viewers in awe.

The video showcases Chandni seamlessly incorporating references to Alia Bhatt‘s personal life, including a playful mention of Ranbir Kapoor as if he were right beside her during the pizza order.

Watch the video below;

Fans flooded the comments section with a mix of humour, appreciation, and sheer astonishment. One user lauded, “Great mimicry,” acknowledging the artist’s ability to capture the essence of Alia Bhatt’s communication style. Another admirer marvelled at the artist’s confidence, stating, “She’s very confident!”


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