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A video of a woman showing the inside of her charred car, that had caught fire, caught the attention of netizens when she showed how her Stanley tumbler remained relatively unscathed despite the vehicle suffering such massive damage.

The woman named Danielle, who goes by the username @danimarielttering on TikTok, had posted the video on the social media platform showing the scorched Kia car. Despite such devastation, her Stanley tumbler was in a nearly pristine condition with ice still intact, giving credence to the marketing slogan of the thermal flask manufacturer “Built for life”.

As the video went viral, the president of Stanley, Terence Reilly, also reacted to the clip and promised to not only send the woman Stanley flasks but also to replace her car.

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“Hey Danielle, my name is Terence Reilly, I am the president of Stanley. We have all seen your video, wow, what an ordeal, we are all really glad you are safe. Thanks for sharing the video as it shows how Stanleys are built for life,” he said.

He said the video perfectly illustrates the durability of the Stanley brand. Reilly said they have never done this before and may never do this again, as he promised to replace the woman’s car.

Festive offer

“Yesterday a video went viral on TikTok when a woman shared the inside of her car after it caught on fire Including her Stanley cup – still in tact and with ice in it!!! The president of Stanley stitched the video in < 24 hours offering to replace her cup…..and her car. This company will now get likely 1B earned media impressions and positive brand awareness + knowledge of the quality of their product through this one quick response and 30 second video. 1. Listen to your social team 2. Moved fast 3. Care about your audience Great marketing move, Stanley!!!” says the caption of the video posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Watch the video below:

“This really warms my heart and makes my day,” a user commented. “I love the fact he stressed the fact that they may never do it again before some ppl will probably start burning their cars,” said another. “Didn’t know Stanley. Now I know Stanley and I love them. Mission accomplished,” another person wrote.


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