‘Worst vehicle don’t buy’: Message on back of autorickshaw in Bengaluru amuses netizens | Trending News


You must have come across quirky slogans advertising a product on the back of autorickshaws. However, in a reversal of what can be considered as marketing a product, an autorickshaw in Bengaluru has instead chosen to “warn others not to buy this vehicle”.

Ashish Krupakar (@followdcounsel), a lawyer from Bengaluru, posted the photo on X, formerly Twitter. The autorickshaw driver had “Worst vehicle don’t buy” written on the back of his vehicle.

“What an innovative way to tell others not to buy a bad product! Just #NammaBengaluru things,” Krupakar wrote.

“Gets better in Kannada..he’s written Kachara gaadi hai, mat kharido (It is a garbage vehicle, do not buy),” an X user commented, referring to the line written in Kannada on the autorickshaw.

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“Typical beautiful Italian automotive products in India. Least concerned to address servicing issues,” said another. “Pls attend to it, for how long would you allow him cry in pain,” another user wrote while tagging Piaggio, the company that manufactured the autorickshaw.

In September, a man was left impressed by the way an autorickshaw driver in Bengaluru was marketing his Instagram account by printing his handle’s name on the vehicle itself. He shared online a photo from inside the autorickshaw that had the driver’s Instagram handle printed in the front. He said the rickshaw driver wanted him to share his photo on social media and tag him.

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“Not going to lie, I love the hustle. And this is 100% @peakbengaluru,” he wrote.


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