Astrotalk CEO Vows Rs 100 Cr Reward To Users If India Triumphs In ICC World Cup ’23 Final Against Australia | Companies News


New Delhi: ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Final 2023 between India and Australia at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad on Sunday is the talk of the town. There’s a spurring buzz and excitement all across the country, awaiting to see Men in Blue lifting the world cup trophy once again. Indians are crazy for cricket as it can be seen on Internet.

In a heartwarming and unprecedented move, Puneet Gupta, the CEO of the astrology platform Astrotalk, has pledged a staggering Rs 100 crore to users if India emerges victorious in the upcoming ICC Men’s World Cup. This extraordinary announcement, made on Saturday, November 18, has sent waves of excitement and anticipation throughout the Astrotalk community.

The CEO shared his nostalgic connection to India’s previous World Cup victory in 2011, expressing, “The last time India won the World Cup in 2011, I was studying in college, and it was one of the happiest days of my life.” Gupta fondly recalled watching the thrilling match with friends in the auditorium of a college in Chandigarh, highlighting the tense atmosphere and sleepless night spent discussing match strategies.

Reflecting on the joyous moment of victory, Gupta described the celebration that ensued, including a bike ride through Chandigarh, impromptu bhangra at every roundabout with strangers, and embracing everyone in sight. This unforgettable experience became the catalyst for his decision to share the potential triumph with the Astrotalk community during the upcoming World Cup.

In a LinkedIn post, Gupta revealed the inspiration behind his generous pledge, stating, “Last night, I was thinking about what I could do this time. Last time I had a few friends with whom I could share my happiness, but this time we have so many Astrotalk users who are more like friends, so I must do something to share my happiness with them.”

The pledged amount of Rs 100 crores will be distributed among all Astrotalk users who register before the commencement of the tournament. The distribution will depend on the total number of users who participate, emphasizing the inclusive nature of this grand gesture.

Gupta concluded his announcement with a call to action, rallying support for the Indian cricket team: “Let’s just pray, support, and cheer for India Indiaaaaa India!!!” As the Astrotalk community eagerly awaits the outcome of the ICC Men’s World Cup, Puneet Gupta’s philanthropic commitment adds an extra layer of excitement and unity, turning the tournament into a celebration for all who participate in the Astrotalk platform.


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