So close yet so far: Obstructions put off Uttarkashi tunnel rescue by some hours | India News

[ad_1] As the rescue operation to free 41 workers trapped inside the under-construction Silkyara-Barkot tunnel reaches its last leg, rescuers are navigating through some last-minute hurdles. On Thursday, officials involved in the rescue operation confirmed that a day earlier, an auger machine that has been drilling through the debris hit a mesh of lattice girders, … Read more

Day 11: Breakthrough imminent in Uttarakhand tunnel rescue op as pace of drilling picks up | India News

[ad_1] A breakthrough in the Uttarkashi tunnel rescue appeared on the horizon Wednesday as rescuers made swift progress drilling through 55 metres of debris behind which 41 men have been trapped for over 10 days. It was on Friday that a heavy-duty machine drilling into the rubble ran into trouble around the 22-metre mark, and … Read more

Uttarkashi rescue: The men in the tunnel, waiting for the light | India News

[ad_1] Fifteen from Jharkhand, eight from Uttar Pradesh, five each from Odisha and Bihar, three from West Bengal, two each from Uttarakhand and Assam, and one from Himachal Pradesh – the men trapped inside the Uttarkashi tunnel may have come from different states, but what united them was the need to venture out in search … Read more

First visuals of workers trapped in Uttarkashi tunnel emerge | India News

[ad_1] Rescuers on Tuesday released the first video footage of the labourers trapped inside Uttarkashi’s Silkyara tunnel for a duration of 10 days. An endoscopic camera, sent in through an alternative 6-inch food pipeline, captured the visuals.

Regular walks, yoga, talking to relatives: How the 41 men are coping inside Uttarkashi tunnel | India News

[ad_1] FREQUENT WALKS, regular communication with their loved ones, a demarcated area to relieve themselves — more than a week after they found themselves trapped inside the Silkyara-Barkot tunnel, the 41 men have found different ways to keep themselves going, physically and mentally. Dr Abhishek Sharma, a government-appointed psychiatrist overseeing the mental health of the … Read more

Uttarkashi tunnel rescue Day 9: Small victory but big challenge remains | India News

[ad_1] In a significant development in the operation to rescue 41 workers trapped inside the under-construction Silkyara-Barkot tunnel, a six-inch pipe to supply essential commodities has successfully reached the men. The pipe is 53 meters in length and preparations are being made to supply food to the trapped workers, officials said. National Highways and Infrastructure … Read more

Week after tunnel collapse, new 5-point plan in place to rescue trapped workers | India News

[ad_1] With efforts to rescue the 41 workers trapped inside the under-construction Silkyara-Barkot tunnel in Uttarkashi since last Sunday undergoing several setbacks, authorities have come up with a five-point plan that involves drilling operations from three sides. There will be a vertical drilling operation taking place from the top of the hill under which the … Read more