Video of self-parking chairs by Nissan takes the internet by storm years after actual innovation. Watch | Trending News


Distinguishing itself as the world’s first automated chair, Nissan’s 2016 creation offered a glimpse into a future where even office furniture embraces cutting-edge technology.

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While the concept of motorised human transporters remains a work in progress, the automotive innovators at Nissan had turned their attention to a more immediate and practical application – self-parking office chairs.

A mere clap of the hands triggers these futuristic chairs to seamlessly navigate back to their designated positions, promising to maintain order and cleanliness in busy office spaces and meeting rooms.

Watch video below;

The technology behind these automatic chairs involves a sophisticated system. Each modified Okamura chair is equipped with four motion cameras strategically placed on the walls, allowing for precise tracking. These cameras work in tandem to relay information to the chairs, which are then orchestrated into synchronised movements through Wi-Fi control.

While the self-parking chairs may not be available for purchase in the immediate future, they serve as a testament to Nissan’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

And although the video is old, it has once again led to some really crazy responses on X. One user wrote, “I’d be “That guy” who, every now and then, insists on dragging the chair off and away somewhere just to see what it does,” and a second X user replied, “Innovation at its finest!,” while some replied with memes and a lot of humour too.


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